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Madonna Circle
Fellowship of Catholic Women Serving the Memphis Community

Welcome to Madonna Circle

Fellowship of Catholic Women Serving the Memphis Community


Madonna Circle proudly announces

Grant Recipient for 2020 Sweepstakes

The Forrest Spence Fund’s Forrest Food for Families Project.  

One way Madonna Circle serves the Memphis and Mid-South community needs is by fundraising through special events. The Madonna Circle Sweepstakes 2020 fundraiser goal is to raise $40,000 to benefit The Forrest Spence Fund’s Forrest Food for Families Project which supports families while they cope with their children’s medical needs at La Bonheur Children’s Hospital.   

The Madonna Circle team is thrilled to be working with and fundraising for the Forrest Spence Fund. Together our two wonderful organizations are sharing their passion and teaming up to help families within the Memphis community.
— Amy Ryan, Madonna Circle President

The sweepstakes ticket sales begin December 2, 2019 and runs through April 2, 2020.

Sweepstakes tickets are $100 for a chance to win one of eight cash prizes:

  • $5,000 grand prize

  • Three $1000 prizes

  • Four $500 prizes  

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Our Mission

To provide Catholic women with the opportunity for service, fellowship, spiritual growth and to improve the Memphis community by stewardship and charity in the gospel tradition.

Madonna Circle, organized in 1936, is an active, Catholic women’s organization providing assistance to the community through fundraising and volunteerism.  We support 4 or 5 organizations annually.  One or more charitable or non-profit groups are selected to be GRANT RECIPIENTS which are supported financially through our major fundraising efforts such as our ANNUAL SWEEPSTAKES and major charitable events. Our fundraising efforts have provided millions of dollars to our Memphis community.

Over 80 years of serving Our Community

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Since 1936,  "Ladies in Blue" have had a strong tradition of fundraising and volunteerism.  Our legacy of giving continues over 80 years later. We have granted over $3.5 million to over 100 charitable organizations and donated hundreds of thousands of service hours.

Read more about our recent methods to meet community needs: Annual Sweepstakes Fundraiser, the Blessings Fund. 

Madonna Circle has a membership of over 300+ Catholic women.  The focus since 1936, remains to:

  1. Fulfill community needs by providing financial aid and/or volunteers
  2. Promote Catholic community leadership
  3. Create an opportunity for spiritual growth.

We need your help to continue to change lives

Ways to Contribute to Madonna Circle

Change Lives

Become A Member

Madonna Circle welcomes inquiry into membership at any time of the year, with our application period being from Spring to early Fall each year.  Our new members typically start in September of each year where they can best orient themselves with service opportunities and meet existing members.


have fun and Make a Difference

Ways We Serve

Members of Madonna Circle seek to give value through fundraising efforts on behalf of worthy causes and by volunteering their time. See how our members are supporting Memphis and the Midsouth this year and ways you can become involved.

Fundraising Event: Speaker-Dinner Event April 2, 2020

Sweepstakes Fundraiser


strengthen your Faith

Prayers & Resources

Madonna Circle members are encouraged to pray daily to strengthen their faith and for special intentions.

Please remember to pray for our membership: we are so grateful for each person's contribution of time, financial resources, and talents.

We ask additionally to remember the Blessed Mother's request that we pray the Rosary regularly. For specific prayers of the rosary, instructions and several other faith resources, click below...


Grant information

We welcome charities and non-profits to consider applying to become the featured recipient of Madonna Circle's fundraising efforts.  All applications must be submitted by the January 31, 2020 deadline. All applications will be reviewed by committee. 

  • The grant recipient will be selected in March of the year prior to grant distribution.

Contact for more information or questions:

 Janet Ticer, 901-569-0391,

GRANT APPLICATION: Print & Mail Application

GRANT APPLICATION: Print & Mail Application