Frequently Asked Questions

Read on for insights and explanations.

What about the dues?

Dues are payable to Madonna Circle by October 31st. Payments may be made online on our website or by check to the Treasurer, Annette Noles.
Level 1 - $70 which include the name tag
Level 2-4 - $50
Leave of Absence and Non-resident- $20

What is our website?

  • Our website manager is member, Kathy Marotta, or 901-230-5061

  • Our website address is

  • Member Activity Area and Directory password: Contact any board member or Kathy Marotta (contact above)

All meeting dates, service opportunities, fundraiser information, blessings fund info, new member application, membership directory and much much more are available on the website! Please use this as your guide throughout the year!

Who do I contact with address, email and phone changes?

Our membership secretary is Mary Webb. Please contact her with changes to your address, email or phone number. She also can arrange for a name tag replacement.

What is the Blessing fund and how do I make a donation?

Our blessings fund was created to fund our service organizations and their projects such as St. Peters, St. Johns and RAOK. It is also used to be able to respond quickly to community urgent needs. Donations forms are available on our website or send donation/ request to Marian Reinman, Blessings Fund Coordinator.

How do I stay informed?

We have great means of communication on a personal and technological level. 

On the personal level, your sponsor should be your Madonna Circle best friend. You also have your level chairpersons and of course all members support each other. In other words, if you have a question just ask!!

On the technical side, a monthly newsletter is emailed to all members. Calling post reminders are sent upon need as well as Constant Contact via email. Of course, do not forget our website and check out our Facebook page.

Who do I contact with member updates?

Madonna Circle truly cares about its members and any difficulties they are going through and also joyful occasions. We are here for all of our members. When a member dies or immediate family member dies please notify the president, Amy Ryan. We also want to celebrate joyful occasions such as a birth of a child or grandchild, anniversaries, promotions and etc.

What if I am having trouble with my meeting or service hour requirements?

Your first contact should be with your level chairwomen. They will work with you to resolve the issue. Please do not wait till the end of the year. They are here to help you!

What if I have someone who wants to join Madonna Circle?

New member applications are on our website and the chairwomen are Renee Raiford and Stacy Pepper. Applications are accepted until October 31st for the current year. After this date, we welcome potential new members to attend
meetings, events and submit an application for the following year. Any questions can be sent to Renee or Stacy!

What if I am not receiving the newsletter, calling post or constant contact?

As previously stated, our communication is so important for all of us to stay informed. If you are not receiving any one of these communication tools please contact our Membership Secretary, Mary Webb.

How do I sign up for service hours?

All service opportunities will be listed monthly in our newsletter and on our website. Our service chairwomen will have opportunities for you to sign up to volunteer at the general membership meetings. You can always call or email the service
chairwomen. Our future plans include an interactive website. Keep checking the website and newsletter for updates! (Please note service opportunities are available September 1 till April 30th.)

How do I meet my financial requirement?

The minimum financial requirement remains at $200. This requirement is met by the sale of at least 2 sweepstakes tickets. Our
success in fundraising has always been achieved by our members exceeding the minimum! Looking forward to another successful year!

How can I get more involved?

Madonna Circle needs you! This is the year of GRATITUDE!

The way you can become engaged is by answering the call to our many and various service opportunities. Do not limit yourself! Be bold and take the next step by considering a leadership role. You will not regret it. This is how we all become better versions of our self!