General Membership Monthly Meetings

All new members are considered "Level 1".

General membership meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Batson Center.

Events held at Holy Spirit Catholic Church.

TuesdayAugust 1311:30 amBoard Meeting
TuesdaySeptember 310:30 amMass
TuesdaySeptember 311:30 amKick Off General Meeting
Saturday September 711:00 amMini-Meeting
TuesdaySeptember 1011:30 amBoard Meeting
TuesdayOctober 16:00 pmGeneral Meeting
TuesdayOctober 811:30 amBoard Meeting
TuesdayNovember 56:00 pmGeneral Meeting
TuesdayNovember 1211:30 pmBoard Meeting
TuesdayDecember 311:30 amGeneral Meeting
TuesdayDecember 1011:30 amBoard Meeting
TuesdayJanuary 711:30 amGeneral Meeting
TuesdayJanuary 1411:30 amBoard Meeting
SaturdayJanuary 1810:00 amMini Meeting
TuesdayFebruary 411:30 amGeneral Meeting
Tuesday February 1111:30 amBoard Meeting
Tuesday March 36:00 pmGeneral Meeting
Tuesday March 1011:30 amBoard Meeting
TuesdayApril 711:30 amGeneral Meeting
TuesdayApril 1411:30 amBoard Meeting
Tuesday May 511:30 amLuncheon/ Gen. Meeting
TuesdayMay 1211:30 AMBoard Meeting