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St. John Catholic School

Members share their smiles, and assist in the classroom as a small group tutor, grading papers, and coordinating celebrations: holiday, good grades, or teacher appreciation.  The children and staff of St. John's are most grateful.  No prior experience required.


Constant need for school supplies, Clorox wipes and paper towels.

St. John Chairwomen
Mary Frances Hoffman(901)
Janie McDowell(901)




Mary Frances Hoffman


Janie McDowell


Lucy Stovall




Dates of Service

September 12:     Classroom Volunteer  9 - 11am

October 3 & 24:    Classroom Volunteer 9-11am

November 9:         Good Conduct Party 12:45PM

December 5:         Classroom Volunteer 9AM

January 30:            Classroom Volunteer 9AM

February 20:         Teacher Appreciation 

March 20:              Classroom volunteer 9AM

May 3:                    Cinco de Mayo Party