Madonna Circle Members service the Memphis and Midsouth community with their time and talents.

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Compass Orange Mound Charter School

(formerly School St. John Catholic School)

Compass Orange Mound Charter School educates students by ensuring they receive a meaningful education in a Christ-centered environment that reaches beyond the classroom. Compass Orange Mound Charter School builds invested, spiritually-grounded, learners who will provide a positive change in their families, community and world. 

Madonna Circle members assist monthly by tutoring, working with small groups, supporting teachers as requested, and celebrating some holidays and teacher appreciation.


St. Peter's Manor

St. Peter's Manor offers rental assistance to adults 62 and older, and are open to people of all faiths and religions. Madonna Circle members engage with the residents, host supply drives, and host monthly lunches or parties.

Random Acts of Kindness

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The community occasionally hears about short term/specific needs in the community.  We try to meet those needs through RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS (RAOK). Namely service in the Soup Kitchen for St. Vincent De Paul and Catholic Charities: Gifts for God's Children (Christmas Drive). Other needs are met on a case by case basis.